Upcoming Changes to Google will Block Mixed Content On Websites

Posted by Sara Fisher on Oct 9, 2019 9:45:08 AM


Google announced last week that they will gradually start to block mixed content.

Mixed content occurs when subresources on a secure https:// page are loaded insecurely over http:// pages. Types of common mixed content are scripts, images, videos, stylesheets, and iframes.



Google claims this change will "improve user privacy and security on the web, and present a clearer browser security UX to users." (source)

This could mean that for a particular website, pages on the website could be blocked if it was created and published using mixed content. 

However, Google will not be pushing out the change all at once. 

  • December 2019 (Chrome 79): a new setting will be introduced that will unblock mixed content on specific sites. 
  • January 2020 (Chrome 80): Mixed audio and video resources will be automatically changed to https://, and Chrome will block them if they fail to load. Mixed images will load, but will cause Chrome to display a "Not Secure" message. 
  • February 2020 (Chrome 81): Mixed images will be upgraded to https://, and Chrome will block them if they fail to load. 

Google's developers have put together a good resource guide to help you learn how to prevent mixed content on your pages. Search Engine Journal also listed some resources on how to check your site for mixed content

If you're an average web user, you may notice blocked content while browsing if the developers of the website haven't made proper changes to prevent blocked mixed content. If you're a web developer or have your own website, be prepared to make the proper changes to ensure your content will be visible to your visitors.  

If you're a current client of Aldrich Web Solutions and are using our WebAlliance E-Commerce platform, we strongly suggest that you review the pages on your website internally so you can take any proper actions needed to ensure pages on your website currently using mixed content will not be blocked to end users per Google's updates. If you need additional help, please submit a ticket to our Help Desk. 

We'd hate for anyone to miss seeing the content on your website.

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